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Ultra Isolation Transformer


There is no doubt about good continuous power availability in our country but the stringent requirements of the sophisticated equipments being used today underlines the necessity of clean power. The present AC power lines are superimposed with dangerous Spikes, Surges, Transients, Sags RFI noise and Harmonics. The high frequency noise can easily interfere with digital and electronic equipments causing data corruption, erratic behaviors and loss of memories. These line noises cause stress on semi conductor components and machine system experiences catastrophic & software failures, extensive damage to PLC's and storage media, leading to heavy loss of production, data and man-hours.

Isolation Transformers eliminate such noises and attenuates the spikes to minimal values, providing complete protection against such electrical disturbances. It consists of double wound Transformers with extremely low coupling capacitance to isolate the voltage spikes and reduce noise from mains with extremely high insulation resistance. They are most effective for medical equipment because of its characteristic of providing complete isolation from main lines. It is available on KVA rating from 3 KVA to 500 KVA in three phase and 1 KVA to 50 KVA in single phase.

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Single Phase : 1KVA-50KVA
Three Phase : 3KVA-500KVA
Output Voltage Range : 230 +- 1%, 415V +- 1%

Input Output Rating Available
3 phase 415V AC 3 phase 415V AC From 3 KVA to 500 KVA
1 phase 230V AC 1 phase 230V AC From 1 KVA to 50 KVA
1 phase 230V AC 1 phase 110V AC
System Construction Delta / Star
Transformer Ratio 1:1 and 2:1
Regulation Better than 4%
Power Factor 0.75 log to lead
Frequency 50HZ
VI Electric strength 2500
Insulation Resistance More than 1000 M
Capacitance Coupling 0.01 PF 100 b.b
Common Mode attenuation 100 b.b
Class of Insulation Class "F"
Operating temperature 0C to 45C
Type of cooling Air

Isolates the equipment from noisy powerline
Reduces powerline Noise, Surges, Spikes & Transients
High Insulation resistance
Provides the complete Electromagnetic & Electro static shielding

For preventing data-corruption and failure in computers using hard disc
For the protection of telecommunication and data communication equipment
For the patient's safety while using machines like ECG, EEG or EMG pacemakers or any electrosurgical aid
For clear recording in audio and video recording equipment
For error free data in process control instruments
For elimination of earthing problem in computer installation For protection of CNC/PLC equipment from surges/spikes