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Three Phase Servo Controlled Voltage Regulator


Continuous stable supply of A.C. Power is the life line of any sophisticated electronic system. Performance of any electrical equipment/instrument is optimum at its rated voltage, Under-voltage & Over-voltage produce harmful effect.

Under-voltage generally reduces efficiency, whereas Over-Voltage shortens the life. Power SPIKES, accidental OR from the Electricity Boards, can waste very valuable time and corrupt the valuable data fed in. Also a very low voltage can force the system to shut down.

PACE Automatic voltage regulating Devices / Stabilizers, an excellent remedy for the problems met with, in ensuring optimum performance and in safe-guarding expensive equipments under conditions of wide line voltage fluctuations incorporating latest in integrated circulatory & solid state technology.

Three Phase System
We offer two types of three phase systems.

1. Un-Balanced load
2. Balanced load.

In situations where the three phase-to-neutral voltage vary without equality to each other, each phase will have to be corrected independently and this will require three single phase stabilizers connected in star, one for each phase between neutral an phase wire. However in standard BALANCED LOAD versions, only one of the three phase is monitored for error and necessary correction is effective for all three phase voltages However, a switch is provided to select any one of the three phase for monitoring. The voltmeter also has a 6 position rotary switch that shows input and output voltages of any of the three phases.

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Rating : 3KVA-2000KVA
Input Voltage Range : 340V-480V, 300V-480V
Output Voltage Range : 415V +- 1%

Capacity, KVA rating : 3 KVA to 2000 KVA
Input Voltage Range : 340 V to 480 V / 300 V to 480 V (Balanced or Unbalanced to be specified)
Output Voltage : 415 V +- 1%, line to line Nominal or as specified by customer
Rate of Correction : Up to 100V per sec
Response Time : 10 m sec
Efficiency : 92%
Waveform distortion : Nil
Line Frequency : 47 to 60 HZ
Cooling Protection : Air-Cooled up to 75 KVA, Oil-Cooled for higher KVA Range Automatic High /   Low voltage cut off, Overload and Short circuit protection

Efficiency : Using high-grade laminations and electrolytic grade copper wires, gain   efficiency of 98%
Micro-Controller Control Module : Equipped with Advanced Micro-Controller
Display Module : It has Digital/LCD display for true RMS Voltage, Current status indications   and parameters, Auto/Manual facility of operation from front panel controls
Protection : Short circuit
  Single phase preventer
  Over current electronic protection
  Overload protection
Standard : Confirming to ISO: 9001-2008
Mobility : Ruggedized construction, castor-mounted for easy movement
Custom : Custom- built specification and design available on request

Air Conditioning Plants Sophisticated Laboratory Equipment
Medical Equipments Defense Equipment
Offset Printing Machine Information Technology
CNC Machine Cement Plants
Escalators & Elevators Hotels
Industries & Lighting Load Textiles Industries
Mall & Commercial Complex Pharmaceutical Industries
Residences & Offices Oil Industries
Telecommunication System R & D Institutions
Metrological Department Induction Heating Plan