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Manual: Our one of the oldest & most competitive product is manual stabilizer. It gives options to set required output voltage according to application requirement. Likewise automatic, these are also available in different design according to KVA rating.
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Rating : 0.25KVA-10KVA
Input Voltage Range : 170V-290V, 140V-290V, 100V-290V
Output Voltage Range : Adjustable

Capacity : 0.25KVA to 10KVA
Input Voltage : 170V-290V, 140V-290V, 100V-290V
Output Voltage : Adjustable
Output Freq. : 50HZ +- 3%
Indications : Mains "ON", High Voltage cutoff, Overload Indication
Voltmeter : Analog or Digital*
Efficiency : >95% at EL

Input range 100-290 to 130-290 & 160-290, Output voltage adjustable
Copper or Aluminum bound Buck/Boost transformer as per requirement
Attractive front panel
High voltage cut-out
Powder coated cabinet

Majority of applications are same as automatic voltage stabilizer