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Automatic: Dishant Electronics makes automatic voltage stabilizer which provides highly accurate constants AC supply. They are reliable for continuous operation & dependent of load conditions. It gets used to protect different domestic equipments from voltage drop-up. It is available in various designs according to KVA rating. Like Manual voltage stabilizer, Automatic voltage stabilizer do not require manual setting of output voltage but rather gives automatic protection against pre defined voltage range. It is also available in sleek and light weight model called Wall Mounting Stabilizer.

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Rating : 0.25KVA-10KVA
Input Voltage Range : 170V-290V, 140V-290V, 100V-290V
Output Voltage Range : 230V +- 8%

Capacity : 0.25KVA to 10KVA
Input Voltage : 170V-290V, 140V-290V, 100V-290V
Output Voltage : 230V +- 8%
Output Freq. : 50HZ +- 3%
Correction Rate : 10V per sec
Indications : Mains "ON", high-low-normal voltage
Voltmeter : Optional

Input range 100V-290V to 140V-290V & 170V-290V, Output 230V +- 8%
Copper & Aluminum bound Buck/Boost transformer as per requirement
Static voltage regulation
Built-in High-Low voltage cutoff
Digital Volt and Ampere meter for reading*
Attractive front panel
Wall Mounting Model also available from 0.5KVA to 5KVA

0.25KVA : Television
0.5KVA : For Fridge or equivalent load
1KVA : For Water cooler /cooler, 1200 litre fridge
2KVA : For deep freezer or equivalent load
3KVA : For 0.75 ton AC or any other machine of equivalent load
4KVA : For 1.5 ton AC or equivalent load
5KVA : 2 ton AC or equivalent load
10KVA : All house equipments load