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Single Phase Servo Controlled Voltage Regulator


It is seen that In spite of best efforts by various Electricity Boards / Supply undertakings the voltage at consumer's end is never constant. The reason being diverse loading duties arising in transmissions and distribution network. During the day time when the load requirements is more the voltage remains quite low and during night it goes up than the normal. As a result of these never ending voltage fluctuations there is frequent Tripping / Breakdown of the systems / machines and precious equipment's resulting into low production. To overcome and control these voltage fluctuations and to provide desired constant output voltages, Single Phase Servo Stabilizer gets used.

These types of Servo Stabilizers and power controllers essentially employ a Solid-State circuit, which controls the Servo Motor. The motor is mechanically coupled to the arm of a continuously variable Auto Transformer that feeds to the primary of a series control Buck-Boost transformer. The stabilizer / regulator output voltage is then compared with the reference voltage and the resultant error signal controls the Servo Motor providing true proportional control systems rather than On/off circuits.

Our Single Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer are available in a vast choice of Input and Output Voltage range suitable for various applications in industries, institutions and residences etc. having indigenous, imported sophisticated machines / instrument / gadgets etc. We design and develop as per the specifications of our clients, these air cooled servo voltage stabilizer are qualitatively advanced and known for outstanding performance.

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Rating : 1KVA-100KVA
Input Voltage Range : 160V-280V, 140V-280V
Output Voltage Range : 230V +- 1%

Input Voltage Range : 160V-280V, 140V- 280V AC
KVA Rating, Capacity : 1 to 100 KVA
Output Voltage : 230V+- 1% AC adjustable
Rated Operating Frequency : 50Hz +- 2%
Metering : 72mm to 100mm Dial Accuracy 1.5 Voltmeter with selector switch to   indicate i/p and o/p voltage
Indicator : Mains "ON" , Low & High limit Indicator of Dimmer on front panel
Manual Control : Provision for manual control of output
Cooling : Air Cooled
Output Voltage Regulation : +-1%
Rate of Correction : Up to 50V per second
Efficiency : More than 95%
Duty Cycle : 100%

Efficiency : Using high-grade laminations and electrolytic grade   copper wires, it gain efficiency of up to 98%
Display Module : 72mm to 100mm 1.5 voltmeter, Digital/LCD display for   true RMS Voltage, Current status indications
Auto/Manual facility of operation from front panel controls Protection: : Short circuit, Overload MCB protection
Standard: : Confirming to ISO: 9001-2008
Mobility : Ruggedized construction, castor-mounted for easy   movement
Custom : Custom- built specification and design available on   request

Offset Printing Machines : General laboratory equipments
CNC Machines : Hospitals
Signaling Radars : Industrial & lighting loads
Telecommunication exchanges : AC Motors
Air conditioning plants : Hotels
Escalators & Elevators : Petrol pumps