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Online UPS LF

  • True on-line dual conversion design
  • Sine wave pulse width modulation
  • IGBT base inverter design
  • Wide input voltage design & window
  • True sine wave output with less than 3% THD
  • With isolation transformer
  • Extendable backup time
  • 5amp charger in 10 KVA % 20 KVA, Batteries from 50Ah to 200 Ah
  • Generator compatible and Cold start feature
  • filter
  • Advanced battery management
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Phase Single Phase Input
Single Phase output
Three Phase Input
Three Phase output
Model 3kva 6kva 10kva 10kva 20kva
Capacity 2100w 4200w 7000w 7000w 14000w
Input Voltage Range 220v +- 25% (165 to 275v) AC 380v +-20% (304 to 456v) AC
Frequency 50 Hz +- 5%
Output Voltage 220AC +- 1%
Frequency 50Hz +- 0.5%
Distortion THD 3% (Linear Load)
Waveform True Sine Wave
Power Factor 0.7
Overload Capacity 125% for 1 min, 150% for 1 sec
110%-150% transfer to bypass after 20sec, short circuit, current limit
Battery Type Sealed led-acid, maintenance free
Voltage 48 VDC 192 VDC
Charger Voltage 55V 220V
Charger Current 5A 10A
System Technology SPWM
Transfer Time 0 ms
Efficiency > 85%
Display LCD Operating mode, Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Input Frequency
Output Frequency, Battery Voltage, Load Percentage, UPS temperature
LED Low Battery, Online, Inverter, Bypass, Fault
Communication Low Battery, Online, Inverter, Bypass, Fault
Protection Short Circuit, Over Temperature, Battery Low, Output Low, Surge
Audible Noise 60db (1 meter)
Environment Temperature 0 to 40 Degree Centigrade
Humidity 0 to 90%
Physical Net weight 68kg 66kg 110kg 110kg 245kg
Dimensions (w*d*h) 210*580