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Digital Stabilizer (LCD\LED\3D TV)


Automatic: Dishant Electronics makes Digital stabilizer which provides highly accurate constants AC supply. It gets used to protect from voltage flatuation condition. It is also work as power Surge protection. It gives time delay to ready your lcd device so device is prepaired before starting. This device is also usefull in case of overload condition.

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Rating : 0.25KVA-10KVA
Input Voltage Range : 170V-290V, 140V-290V, 100V-290V
Output Voltage Range : 230V +- 8%

Capacity : 0.25KVA to 10KVA
Input Voltage : 170V-290V, 140V-290V, 100V-290V
Output Voltage : 230V +- 8%
Output Freq. : 50HZ +- 3%
Correction Rate : 10V per sec
Indications : Mains "ON", high-low-normal voltage
Voltmeter : Optional

Line noise and spark protection
Generator Compatibility
High/Low Valtage cut off
Perform in wide input range
Primary switching technolgy
Output Voltage Correction without break
Main Turn-on Delay

0.25KVA : Television
0.5KVA : For Fridge or equivalent load
1KVA : For Water cooler /cooler, 1200 litre fridge
2KVA : For deep freezer or equivalent load
3KVA : For 0.75 ton AC or any other machine of equivalent load
4KVA : For 1.5 ton AC or equivalent load
5KVA : 2 ton AC or equivalent load
10KVA : All house equipments load