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Online UPS HF

  • Microcontroller based high frequency Delta conversion online technology
  • Pure sine wave output with DSP Digital signal processing technology
  • IGBT based SPWM controlled Inverter
  • Zero change over time
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Longer backup with external batteries
  • Batteries up to 100 AH can be connected
  • Cold start function
  • Advanced PFC technology & battery management
  • Two step charging
  • Off mode charging, Fan speed automatically changes as load varies
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Online Model 1 KVA/700 W 2 KVA/1400 W 3 KVA/ 2100W 6 KVA/4200W 10 KVA/7000W
Input voltage range Half Load 120-300 VAC 176V- 290 VAC
Full Load 165V-276 VAC
Frequency Range 45.5 Hz- 54Hz
Output Range 220V +- 3%
Output frequency 50Hz +- 0.5 Hz
Output Voltage Tolerance < +-5% (100% Load or without Load)
Distortion <3% (Linear Load); <5%(Non-Linear Load)
Output Waveform True Sine Wave
Overload Capability 110%-130%: Switch to Bypass after 10 Mins, 105%-130%; 10 Mins;>130%:1 Min
130%: Shutdown after 1 Min V
Battery Voltage 36VDC 96VDC 240VDC
Charge Voltage 274.5 +- 1V
Numbers of Lead-Acid Batteries 12V*3 Pcs 12V*8 Pcs 12V*20 Pcs
Crest Factor 3:01
Noise (1m) <45db
Indicator LCD and LED Utility, Inverter, Bypass, Battery, Load, Battery Mode, Frequency, UPS fault
Transfer Time of AC to DC Zero
Battery Low Voltage 31 +-2V 83 +-2V 200 +-2V
Charge Time Charging upto 90% = 8 hours
Audible Alarm Battery Utility Failure, Beep/4S; Battery Low, Beep/1S
UPS Abnormal Continuous Beep and Red led on
Output Short Circuit Shutdown
Outlets 2pcs 3pcs Terminal Black
Communication Interface SNMP
Ambient Temperature 0-40?C
Humidity 10%-90%
Dimensions(W*D*H) 140*405*210 195*470*330 240*545*445 340*640*980
Weight KG 9.22/14.5 17.5/32 37/84 75/163