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Constant Voltage Transformer


TThe CVT uses the unique principle of ferroresonance: operation of a transformer in the region of magnetic saturation. When the iron core of a transformer is in saturation, relatively large changes in winding current results in very small changes in magnetic flux. Winding current and magnetic flux are proportional to the input and output voltage, respectively. This means that relatively large changes in input voltage result in small changes in output voltage: this being the fundamental purpose of an automatic voltage regulator.

The ferroresonant action is a flux limiter rather than a voltage regulator, but with a fixed supply frequency it can maintain an almost constant average output voltage even as the input voltage varies widely. Dishant Electronics makes wide range of CVT including various features at very competitive rate.

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Single Phase : 150KVA-10KVA
Three Phase : 3KVA-10KVA
Output Voltage Range : 230 +- 1%, 415V +- 1%

Technical specification Single phase Three phase
Capacity 160v-270v 340- 470 V AC
Input voltage 1 phase 230V AC From 1 KVA to 50 KVA
Output voltage 230v +- 1% 415V AC +- 1%
Line frequency 50Hz +- 2 % 50Hz +- 2 %
Display Mains, output, volt meter with switch to read i/p & o/p voltage Mains, output, volt meter with switch to read i/p & o/p voltage
Efficiency 90%(approx.) under full load conditions 90%(approx.) under full load conditions
Output wave form Sinewave Sinewave
correction rate 250V/sec approx. 250V/sec approx.
Load power factor 0.75% lag to 0.9% lead 0.75% lag to 0.9% lead
Ambient temperature 5 C to 50C 5 C to 50C
Transformer type Ferro-Resonant Ferro-Resonant

Proven technology
High reliability
Fast response
Output short circuit protected
Rugged industrial design
High efficiency products and very low electricity consumption as compared to local CVT
Affordable price

Embroidery machines
Signaling instruments
Epabx systems
Electronic typewriters
Computers & peripherals
Scientific intruments
Laboratory equipments
Photo flash equipments